Lake Steel is a sheet metal firm working mainly with stainless steel and aluminium. They work a lot with the construction and boat building industry. Currently they have three young employees who all started as Gateway students. Cameron has nearly finished his apprenticeship, Grayson is in his second year and Kyle has just started.

Cameron says: “It’s been the best time and has set him up for life. You get to earn while you learn. This trade can take you anywhere.” He recommends doing design, engineering and maths at school. His advice to a young person – pay attention in maths and design!

According to Shayne, the boss, there a huge amount of opportunities in this industry. When he looks for a new staff member he wants someone who is willing to learn, enthusiastic and has the right aptitude. He likes young people to do Gateway with him for the last year of their schooling. That way the young person gets to see if it is the right thing for them and Shayne gets to see if they have the right attitude and aptitude.

The future of the industry is bright. Technology is definitely having an effect with more computer design and manufacturing.


Posted: Thu 25 Feb 2016