Construction and Infrastructure

You’ll be part of a well-run team that’s committed to getting the job done safely and well to meet the client’s specifications.

You’ll work indoors and outdoors. Often it’ll be dusty and noisy, but you’ll also get to feel the sun on your skin and the wind on your face.

The hours may vary. You move around from site to site, working with lots of different tradespeople, contractors and clients.

You’ll have a variety of different tasks to do no matter what your job is, and you’ll use heaps of different tools and types of machinery.

The work is physical and active – you won’t need to join a gym to stay fit. It’s hard work, but there are plenty of laughs and jokes with good mates.

Laser Plumbing

An Employer's Perspective

Laser Plumbing likes to employ young people as they find students are keen to learn. The qualities they look communication skills, patience and most importantly; a good attitude.

Dave Merwood from Laser Plumbing has said to be prepared to start at the bottom and work hard. The opportunities will soon follow.


A Young Perspective

Riley Inglis was a student at Taupo-Nui-A-Tia who worked at Laser Plumbing through the Gateway programme and has now landed an apprenticeship with them.
His advice is to do the same as he did and get involved through Gateway.
Riley also said that working is a lot different to school. There is no time to muck around, you have to get straight into the job.