Creative Industries

This sector is all about using your creative skills and imagination to help people see the world differently.Coming up with new ideas is exciting. Sometimes you will need to analyse problems and come up with solutions, and at other times fresh ways to express existing concepts or ideas. Creative Industries is a specific term we use to define industries that have their origin in individual or collective creativity, skill and talent. These industries have the potential to create wealth and jobs through generating and exploiting intellectual property.

In this sector you could be at the forefront of using moving images and digital technologies to communicate ideas and to deliver products and services in exciting ways. Combining cultural and indigenous knowledge with artistic and technical skills is also possible in this sector. You may already be exploring your creative skills using social media such as Instagram, Vines, Snapchat, Pinterest; or applying those skills to help get a band, dance or theatre group off the ground.

Your career is likely to be varied. Roles and jobs often call for both big picture thinking and attention to detail. Successful people in this sector apply their talents across different fields, because to thrive, you will need to make sure there is always a market or an audience for your creative ideas and unique skills.

To make a living in this sector you will need to be resourceful and determined, remaining resilient when dealing with change or disappointment.

While you may work or practise your creative skills by yourself, more commonly you will be part of a team. You may find yourself resolving technical, artistic and personally challenging problems. You will need to understand and respect cultures and traditions. At times you may challenge the perspectives of others through your work. Through working in the Creative Industries you really can make a difference to individuals, whānau, hapū, iwi, communities and to the world at large.

The Edge

An Employer's Perspective

What traits do you look for when people come through the business wanting jobs? What kind of classes at school do they need to take and what experience do you need?

Enthusiasm, punctuality and willingness are the top three things I look for. The way you present yourself is really important too. As far as qualifications go, none, as long as you a willing and eager you’ll learn.

What is Media works and what can it give a student?

Media works is a media organization covering radio specifically in Taupo, it can create a pathway for a student into a future career in radio wether is be announcing, creative writing, producing or many other different streams. There are many options to excel. We give internships here which gives students a hands on experience behind the scenes where they can see and experience what’s really going on.

How many interns do you employ/give opportunities to each year? And how does this help the company?

We have two students from each college each year which is good for the interns and good for us because it is manageable and more hands on experience for them. This is good for the brand media works because they are out there in the community telling people they are interns for us, which is a positive thing in people’s minds that young people are getting real experience.

Jobs aren’t abundant in media as it’s a reasonably cutthroat industry so how can someone get into a job that they want in radio?

You get into the industry by having a degree or diploma which will get you in over someone else but going back to before, if you have the attitude and willingness to be prepared and on time and wanting to learn you’ll have no troubles. You’ll often need to move to follow the career you have to be prepared to be out of your comfort zone to get a name for yourself in the industry.

What has been your experiences with the interns so far?

So we’ve had eight interns so far over two years. Out of the eight one of them is doing a radio broadcasting degree and is doing well and really even having one success is really positive because it at least gave all of the kids a chance to pursue something they may otherwise not even tried.

Where do you think radio could end up or the industry as a whole will be in 20 years time? Will the job still exist?

100% yes, the job will still exist, the job may be rolled out differently but radio will always be in the air because people need to be entertained and it’s evolved to be a marketing stream as well which is another side of the industry which will always be needed.