Manufacturing and Technology

From hands-on production and assembly to cutting edge research, from massive machines and busy production lines, to individual crafts or computer design, this sector covers a range of working styles and options.

You might be working with huge lumps of metal or delicately assembling tiny component parts – so small you can’t even see them, like in nanotechnology.

Whatever you do, you’ll be working indoors most of the time, with tools, machinery and equipment, or maybe a computer.

You could be producing things in their millions, or making or designing individual one-offs.

You might be fabricating, installing, fixing or maintaining systems, or doing a job involving lots of thinking, planning or making lots of calculations.

Some roles are highly creative; many are methodical, detailed, precise.

Generally in this pathway there’s a very clear end point to the job you’re doing and you’ll know exactly what part you played in it. You’ll be able say “I had a hand in that – I changed a life, it couldn’t have happened without me.”

An Employers perspective:

What does your company do?

The main objective of Ashley Cho I.T. Solutions Limited is to serve customers both in public and private sector in such areas as production, trade, banks, government institutions and NGOs. The idea of its creators is to offer its customers complete solutions from the study, design, hardware and software supply, tips on what and where to be purchased, service and training. Main areas of the business is to repair, maintain and sales of computer related equipment including laptops, desktops,tablets and mobile phones.

What are the ages, qualifications, experience and training of your staff?

Some of the qualifications we have in the company are MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist), ACMT (Apple Certified Mac Technician) and HP certificates. We manage total network systems from Windows/Mac/Linux Servers down to Thin Clients and mobile phone client systems.The company puts high value in continued training and professional development in all kinds of IT industry and staff get regularly trained from various ways including Webinar, Online Training as well as official trainings from education institutes.

What is the most important attribute you look for in an employee?

I am particularly after attitude over current qualifications and/or experiences. Big smile, can-do attitude and ability to communicate in a positive and supportive way are most important aspect I see when I interview a potential employee.


Quality Print


An Employers perspective:

What traits do you look for when people come through the business wanting jobs? What kind of classes at school do they need to take and what experience do you need?

I look for attitude. I look into your eyes and see how you are and the way you present yourself when you walk through the door, the way you give a handshake etc. Everything else we can train but if you don’t have the 100% attitude.

What opportunities are available here at quality print?

Digital print apprentice, bindery apprentice and printing press apprentice. Graphic design is also something we offer.

What has your experience been with apprentices in the past?

It’s a two way street, I’ve had some poor apprentices but when I started to look closer in interviews and what not I got the results with some amazing people so basically as I started to be extra sure on who I was hiring and the gains for the business were great.


A Young perspective:

What has your experience been like working at quality print?

It’s been fabulous. I’m doing an apprentership in binding and finishing which is a 14 month course and everyone is really helpful here helping me learn.

What qualifications or courses at school did you take or decide to take that help you today with your job?

I didn’t even know this job existed really so taking art design and similar subjects did help a bit however this was a job I fell into rather than perusued straight out of school so it came down to attitude and willing to learn.

Where do you want this job to take you?

Once I finish my apprentiship I want to do a diploma in print management, which will branch out to managing roles in bigger companies.

What advice would you give to young students if they were looking for an industry they wanted to explore?

I would say do your research I guess, don’t judge a book by it’s cover because when I first was told about this job I kind of turned my nose up but little did I realise it’s actually really interesting and love the job.



Lake Steel is a sheet metal firm working mainly with stainless steel and aluminium. They work a lot with the construction and boat building industry. Currently they have three young employees who all started as Gateway students. Cameron has nearly finished his apprenticeship, Grayson is in his second year and Kyle has just started.

The future of the industry is bright. Technology is definitely having an effect with more computer design and manufacturing.

An Employers perspective:

According to Shayne, the boss, there a huge amount of opportunities in this industry. When he looks for a new staff member he wants someone who is willing to learn, enthusiastic and has the right aptitude. He likes young people to do Gateway with him for the last year of their schooling. That way the young person gets to see if it is the right thing for them and Shayne gets to see if they have the right attitude and aptitude.

A Young perspective:

Cameron says: “It’s been the best time and has set him up for life. You get to earn while you learn. This trade can take you anywhere.” He recommends doing design, engineering and maths at school. His advice to a young person – pay attention in maths and design!