Licence To Work

You Spoke: "Young people need to have the "right attitude" and employability skills."

We Listened: Youth Employability Program - Licence to Work

Licence to Work is an innovative approach that provides a customised programme and resources to build young people's employability skills so they can gain the insight, confidence and skills to get work, keep work and create careers.

During the programme the young people complete 10-20 hours of voluntary work and 80 hours of work experience.  We are currently facilitating the programme at Taupo-nui-a-Tia and Tauhara Colleges. 

We have helped you by creating a platform where you can:

  • Support youth employability through providing work experience opportunities and jobs.
  • Become a mentor to a young person.
  • Speak about your organisation at participating venues.
  • Gain assistance with recruiting staff.

Students Gaining Work Experience

We are grateful to all our local businesses who are supporting this programme by offering work experience opportunities.

Hozho Homes

Taupo Mechanical Services


Mancraft Barbers

Seays Conctractors

NZ Police

Taupo Bungy

Chris Brasell Landscapes

Landmark Homes

Central Plumbing & Sheetmetals

TransDiesel Ltd


The Pet Shop Taupo