Licence To Work

What is Licence To Work?

Licence to Work has been developed to help you gain all the skills you need to get a job.

Licence to Work is the Certificate of Employability - a way for you and employers to assess, develop and verify your employability skills.

What is Employability?

Employability is your ability to GET and KEEP a job.  It paints a picture of how you approach work and how you get a job done. 

It's not just something you DO, it shows who you ARE.

Employability Skills

Employability Skills are also called "transferrable" skills because you can use them in many ways across different jobs.

Licence to Work is brought to our district by Taupo Pathways and is currently being run at Tauhara and Taupo-nui-a-Tia Colleges.  


Here are the employability skills and the behaviours students are given in their workbook:

  • Is positive and has a "can do" attitude.
  • Is optimistic, honest, and shows respect.
  • Is happy, friendly, and enthusiastic.
  • Is motivated to work hard towards goals


  • Understands and reflects on the way they communicate and how it affects others.
  • Asks questions when unsure or unclear.
  • Understands how employees, employers and customers communicate.
  • Speaks, listens and shares ideas appropriately.


  • Works well with others to complete tasks and meet goals.
  • Contributes to developing new ideas or approaches.
  • Works well with others of different genders, cultures or beliefs.
  • Recognises the authority of supervisors and manages and follows directions.


  • Is willing to learn new tasks, skills and information.
  • Is curious and enthusiastic about the job, organisation and industry.
  • Looks for opportunities to work more effectively to make the business better.
  • Accepts advice and learns from feedback.

THINKING SKILLS (problem solving & decision making):

  • Identifies and assesses options before making a decision.
  • Recognises problems and uses initiative to find solutions.
  • Thinks about the consequences before they act.
  • Recognises when they need to seek advice.


  • Is adaptable and flexible in new and changing situations.
  • Handles challenges and setbacks and does not give up.
  • Is able to seek support and help when needed.
  • Recognises and accepts mistakes made and learns from them.