Job Seekers

#Local Jobs  #Local People 

Taupo Pathways is passionate about making sure the Taupo District is full of opportunities for young people (under 25s) to do what they love.  We work with partner organisations to ensure that young people in Taupo have a range of different options for study, training and work.  

COVID-19 has impacted on many businesses and left people without jobs. 

Taupo Pathways is here to help! 

Examples of our FREE workshops we offer to support you

  • Opportunities to meet local employers

  • Job Interview Skills

  • CV’s

  • Budgeting 

  • Training Opportunities

  • Job Market Information - What sectors are still employing?

  • How to transfer my skills to a different sector.

We really want to hear from you so we know how we can help.

Please fill out this form so we can organise programmes according to your needs.