Primary Industries

There’s a huge range of jobs in this environmentally friendly sector, with a variety of experiences and opportunities on offer.

You could work in the outdoors, in some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, planting, growing or tending animals, trees, crops. You may work alone, sometimes in isolated places, or with a bunch of like-minded people who’ll quickly become friends for life. Your work changes with the seasons, sometimes it’s light, sometimes physically and mentally demanding.

There’s also plenty of sophisticated high-tech toys to play with and plenty of on-the-job training to help you learn to use them. If you’re not working directly on the land you may be visiting as an adviser to part of the industry – like arboriculture, water or environmental management, the equine industry, or maybe an accountant, mechanic or vet.

Further from the farm, you could be in a processing plant, turning primary produce into value-added goods for sale and export. Here you’ll be indoors, again working with high-tech equipment and possibly working flexible hours – great if you’re not keen on a regular 40 hour week.

You might work far from the farm in a big city office, organising shipping, or developing government policy. If you’re into science and technology, you’re very welcome in this sector, whether you’re analysing data or contributing to the next world-leading agricultural breakthrough. Safety is a very strong focus in all parts of the sector because there’s always an element of danger.



Landcorp does employ young people. Their experience so far has been great. The most important thing they look for is people with the right attitude. Being reliable and wanting to learn are also important characteristics. Having your own transport is also a bonus.

Career paths available in this industry are numerous and massive - from farm workers right through to accountants and lots in between. They also employ young graduates. The future looks bright in this industry and there will always be opportunities. They often struggle to get people with the right skills. Technology has made a difference to the industry and there is a lot more to it than just milking cows. Farm managers can be managing very large budgets.

The best advice to young people who want to get into this industry is that it’s all in the attitude. Follow your passion! Get some work experience. Then be prepared to keep learning, accept change and be adaptable.