Social and Community Services

This sector is all about caring for people and keeping them safe. It can be exciting, personally very rewarding but physically and emotionally demanding.

The range of jobs is huge: from monitoring and protecting people and property (like in corrections, defence, or fire fighting) to caring for people in need (as in healthcare, community and social work, medicine or therapy).

You may be working for the government or the private sector; you may be outdoors or in, or moving around from place to place.

Wherever you are, you’ll be dealing with people from all ages and walks of life, sometimes working with them very closely indeed. There will be times where you’ll find yourself in fast-changing, challenging situations, where you may have to make quick decisions under pressure.

Wherever you work you’re likely to be part of a strong, active and committed team and many of them may be volunteers.

Your working hours vary – people need care 24/7. So depending on your role you might work in shifts or be on call.